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A secure deposit field, also known as a safety deposit box, is an individually secured container, normally held within a larger secure or financial institution vault. Secure deposit packing containers are usually situated in banks, post offices or other institutions. Secure deposit boxes are used to store helpful possessions, akin to gemstones, valuable metals, foreign money, marketable securities, luxurious items, essential documents (e.g. wills, property deeds, or beginning certificates), or computer information, which need protection from theft, hearth, flood, tampering, or other perils. In the United States, neither banks nor the FDIC insure the contents. A person can purchase separate insurance for the safe deposit field to be able to cowl e.g. theft, fire, flooding or terrorist assaults. Inns, resorts, and cruise ships sometimes additionally supply protected deposit boxes or small safes to their patrons, for short-term use during their stay. These services may be positioned behind the reception desk, or securely anchored inside non-public visitor rooms for privacy. The contents of protected deposit bins may be seized below the legal principle of abandoned property. In addition they may be searched and seized by the order of a courtroom by the issuance of search warrant. In the United States and elsewhere, secure deposit bins are thought-about a "legacy service"; many new bank branches do not trouble to put in any. Within the twentieth century, bank branches had been extra prestigious; in the 21st century, area has grown extra priceless with greater land values and rents, and many banks see the service as ancillary to their core business. Moreover, despite the general public notion of safe deposit packing containers as being extraordinarily safe, there is little incentive for banks to really guarantee that is true; there are no federal legal guidelines within the US governing the matter or guidelines that might require compensation to customers if property saved there is stolen or destroyed. Payne, Kirby D. Security Deposit Boxes and In-Room Safes. Resort On-line information base of reports and Traits. Liz Pulliam Weston. "Why treasures in secure deposit boxes get 'lost'".

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