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Inside, you’ll have to unravel another puzzle, you’ll see seven carved rocks sitting in swimming pools of water. Place your gems into each one of the carved rocks, and use the picture above to put them in the correct order. Now you have to use your runes within the appropriate order so it needs to spell "SMELL" and you will solve the riddle. When you pass these three boulders, use brute drive to open the following set of doors. Failing this will end in your Strength being lowered.
Then I change to utilizing range weapon with Elder Shortbow and Adamant Arrow and I managed to get about 3 hits out of roughly 60 hits that I fired before he just disappeared. I do not quite perceive what I am doing incorrect on this struggle as he blocks a hundred% of the harm about ninety nine% of the time. The armor I have is full blessed dragonhide with ava's accumulator and snakeskin boots and archer's ring. He will then drain the player's prayer points and use melee on them.
A attainable approach to defeat him entails drinking a prayer potion, utilizing Protect from Magic, and hiding in the bushes with a ranged weapon. He makes use of a robust magic assault and melee, and once more he drains prayer at the beginning. A attainable approach to defeat him entails drinking a prayer potion, using protect from magic, and hiding in the bushes with a ranged weapon. Nezikchened uses two attacking styles; melee in case you are close-up and a black magical attack from a distance.
Although you'll be able to select to spare Viyeldi, you continue to need the dagger to proceed with the quest. There are three lesser demons on the other facet of the wall. You will find out that, the explanation the Pure water pool became dry is as a result of a boulder is blocking the water flow. You want to go back in the cave all the way to where you got the binding e-book.
The desk can be used as a safespot, however it will lead to OSRS Nezikchened ( switching to Magic attacks. It is time for the first battle with a demon, you'll be able to go to the bank if you should prepare for the battle. When you’re ready, go to the cave and use your pure water on the hearth wall to step through with out harm.